Wind Ensemble/Concert Band

concerto for treble double reed soloist with chamber winds and percussion
commissioned by a consortium led by Arkansas State University, Kristin Leitterman soloist, and Timothy Oliver director Grade 3.5-4 ensemble, 6 soloist 14–15 minutes Oboe/English Horn version available Piano reduction available
Mehter Suite Play
concert band
Grade 4 Music from the Ottoman Empire fragile bark, o'er a tempestuous sea, the common harbor... Play
concert band and vibraphone soloist
commissioned by M. David Wallace and the Charlotte Pride Band Grade 3.5-4, solo part 4.5 8 minutes
Song for Edie Play
concert band
commissioned by the Minnesota Freedom Band Grade 3.5 9 minutes
Sapphire Play
concert band
commissioned and premiered April 20, 2013 by the Mid America Freedom Band Grade 4.5 12 minutes
Concerto for Vibraphone Play
wind symphony and soloist
premiered Feb 2010 UMKC Wind Symphony / Steven D. Davis, cond; James Clanton, vibraphone Grade 6 30 minutes (movements may be performed separately)
large wind ensemble
premiered 2008 UD Symphonic Band / Heidi Sarver, cond. Grade 5
Concertante Play
wind symphony and solo piccolo, flute, oboe/sop. sax, and English horn
premiered 2005 UMKC Wind Ensemble / Joseph Parisi, cond; Christina Webster, piccolo; Jonathan Borja, flute; Jon Thieben, sop. sax; Dulcie Livingston, English horn Grade 5 12 minutes


Concerto for Vibraphone vibr.-timp+4.pno-strings
first movement premiered Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional del Paraguay with Jim Clanton, vibraphone July 2, 2010
Beowulf Triptych Play
premiered 2006 Christopher Kelts, cond.
Revelations ob. d'a-2perc.pno-
Drawn Onward
string orchestra and percussion section


any group or number of vocalists or wind instruments
commissioned by Megan Ihnen for her wordless lullaby project. Range Eb3 (optional) to F5 (optional) tessitura D4-G4. Piece is transposable with octave displacements allowed.
The Real Questions Play
voice, flute, and piano
Adaptation of Henri Nouwen texts. Commissioned by the Bright Futures Fund of Kansas City in honor of Lamar Hunt, Jr. Range D3-G4 tessitura F3-E4
Rag and Bone
voice and piano
Settings of Kathryn Nuernberger's poetry from "Rag and Bone." Range D3-A4 tessitura G3-A#3
Notice to Mother Play
mixed choir
Setting of a letter 9-year-old Samuel Barber wrote to his mother informing her of his wish to become a composer and not an "athlet" [sic].
I Bind...
SATB soloists with SATB choir
text adapted from "St. Patrick's Breastplate"
Song for a Tailor
voice and marimba
premiered 2002 Nicole Aldrich, soprano; Nicole Monte, marimba. (currently unavailable)


Des Monstres et prodiges Play
double wind quintet
commissioned and premiered by Midwest Chamber Ensemble January 2018
Mule Kick
flute ensemble
premiered Nov. 19, 2016 at the UCM Honor Wind Symposium
Vienna Riffs
clarinet in A, bassoon, and piano
commissioned and premiered by Sharra Wagner, Ryan Morris, and Charl Louw April 4, 2013
Treblemusic Play
flute, oboe, and B-flat clarinet
commissioned and premiered by Rose Fife, Mary Stahlhuth, and Brent Ramsey
horn, bassoon, and piano
commissioned by Brendan McDonnell. Premiered by Brendan and Nora McDonnell and Julie Nishimura.
Black Hole Soundings
violin, bass, harp, piano
written for and premiered by Project 60/40 August 2010
Chaconne and Dance
trombone and piano
written for Karen Zawacki (also performable on bassoon or cello)
Barbaresque Play
double reed consort (3ob, 2Eh, 2bsn, 1cbsn)
premiere IDRS 2010 Conference
Variations for Bassoon and Frame Drums Play
premiere 2009 Keel Williams, bassoon; Marja Kerney, drums
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Suite Play
flute, soprano, and string trio
commissioned by the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO. Film Score premiered 2007; Suite premiered 2010.
HyperMazurka Play
cello and percussion
premiered 2007 Ben Gitter, cello; James Clanton, percussion
Podgolosia I – Glass, Metal, Voice
percussion trio
premiered 2006 Pittsburg State Percussion Ensemble
Banshee Reels Play
flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello
premiered 2006 California E.A.R. Unit
Norma Variations Play
two flutes
premiered 2006 Christina Webster, flute I; Jonathan Borja, flute II
Habanera ritmico Play
solo cajon and percussion trio
premiered 2005 Kansas City Fringe Festival by Schlaginstrumentengruppe
Kontakion Play
marimba quartet
premiered 2005 Schlaginstrumentengruppe
Oscuro-Scintilla Play
percussion and piano trio
premiered 2004 California E.A.R. Unit
Halcyon Days Play
alto sax, trumpet, piano
premiered 2005 itch at Brevard Music Center
percussion and piano
winner 2003 Musica Nova Small Chamber Work Composition Competition. premiered 2003 Bill Solomon, percussion; Jeong Hee Jeong, piano


Very Stable Genius [ed. - treat with kid gloves]
any keyboard instrument (including keyboard percussion)
written for Nick Phillips performable in two versions with or without gloves
Metamorphoses (5) after T.H. White Play
solo oboe
written for and premiered 2014 by Sheri Mattson
...sans son luth...
solo toy piano
written for Keith Kirchoff
Etudes for Solo Vibraphone Play
Fray Play
solo viola (alternate version available for violin)
premiered 2006 Allison Richards, viola
Furies Play
solo timpani
premiered 2005 Bill Solomon, timpani


Schumann: Lieder (6), Op. 13
for mezzo-soprano and concert band
Die stille Lotosblume
Schumann: Die gute Nacht
for mezzo-soprano and concert band
Schumann: Lieder (3), Op. 12
for mezzo-soprano and concert band
Liebst du um Schoenheit
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker, Op. 71 Play
for concert band
Arabian Dance and Spanish Dance
Vaughan Williams: In Windsor Forest
Wedding Chorus arranged for string quartet and voices
commissioned by the Friends of Chamber Music, Kansas City, Missouri for the Daedalus Quartet and Kansas City Collegium Vocal under the direction of Ryan Board for the October 14th, 2011 production of "The Darwin Project."
Verdi: Ave Maria volgarizzata da Dante Play
for voice and concert band
B-flat minor. Range C4-G5

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Hartman: Etudes for Solo Vibraphone
Hartman: Habanera ritmico
Hartman: HyperMazurka
Hartman: Concerto for Vibraphone
Hartman: Barbaresque

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